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About our business

A TAKÁCS Limited component immediately!


We are waiting for your call in our Törökbálint centre. Our phone number is:  06-23-418-308

You have arrived at the best possible place!

We will find the necessary component for your motor-vehicle without delay.


Bus, lorry or truck trailer component! We know everything about them.


We identify and transport what you need from an original to a non-genuine part, fixing material tool or labour safety wear.

A TAKÁCS Limited and Winkler GmbH offer you the unique opportunity, in Hungary and in Europe, to transport the required component quickly, well identified in time to your vehicle waiting for a repair.

In Hungary with single logistics, we might as well import goods daily from the 70000-square-metre warehouse of Winkler in Ulm.

As long as you need a repair in international traffic, we will arrange that you will receive a component at a reasonable price at any Winkler sub-office and you can pay for it at A TAKÁCS Limited later.



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