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Leaf spring catalogue and price list

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From the suitable design to the professional control - a TAKÁCS Limited only works with manufacturers that produce the original components of the vehicles.


Thanks to our decennial experience and work, our proffered components can satisfy the highest customer needs. The largest spring storehouse in Hungary is our warehouse located in Törökbálint from where more than 1000 spring variations can immediately be transported. Every flat and parabolic spring, air bellow and shock absorber is produced in the original quality. It doesn’t matter how large your lorry is, at A TAKÁCS Limited you will find the suitable spring for your vehicle.

Of course the suitable spring parts can’t be missing: from the spring screw, the spring bolt, the bolt set, the spring shackle, the bolted via to the rocker arm, you can find everything from A to Z. The broad palette of first class air springs and shock absorbers make the spring supply complete.


Top quality!

More than 30000 opportunities!

The first-quality stock and the strict quality and production process control guarantee the realibility and the long-lasting quality of every spring component delivered by A TAKÁCS Limited.


Reinforced parabolic spring assembly and spring leaf for extreme strain.


Air bellow auxiliary spring


We provide a one-year guarantee in the case of material or a manufacturing defect.


About the Spring steel


There isn’t good or bad spring steel – only suitable or wrong for the purpose. It depends on the end-product which substance is the most optimal one. From this point of view the hardenability of the substance is primarily important.

For example, at the heavy machines the usage of 51 CrMOUH alloy steel is required because this is the only quality that guarantees the perfect curing above 25 mm substance thickness.


Traditional steel springs and spring leaves


The load test of the lorry parabolic spring


Standard in both steel and air springs!


Every flat and parabolic spring, air bellow and shock absorber is manufactured in the original equipment quality.

It doesn’t matter if it is a pick-up, a truck, a trailer, a bobtail or a bus, you will find the suitable spring for your vehicle at A TAKÁCS Limited.






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